Why Employee Advocacy is a Good Idea

Too many companies today struggle with investing in their social media presence because they wonder whether their investment will actually pay off.

One way to maximize the return on investment in your social media program is to explore the benefits of an integrated employee brand advocacy program. Here’s why investing in employee advocacy is a great idea for your business:

  1. Employees Can Increase Brand Reach Exponentially

According to a research, brand employees have 10 times as many connections on social media platforms than the brand itself. Think of this as a family tree, with the brand at the helm, and it’s offspring (employees) shooting out their own branches, continuously adding more members, and helping the family tree to grow and flourish.

  1. They Are Easier To Trust

Employee advocates are trusted by 90 per cent of people on social media. And building trust is the first stepping stone to any relationship a company may want to build with its customers.

  1. Employee `Shares’ Stay Alive and In Circulation For Much Longer

Promotional content from employees’ private social pages is re-shared 24 times more often than when shared on company pages by the brands themselves.

  1. Employee Advocacy Campaigns Perform Better Than Straight-Up Marketing Ones

Companies like IBM and Starbucks have already discovered this. The human voice of employees resonates more persuasively with customers at the bottom of the sales funnel, all primed up to be converted.

  1. Employees Actually Enjoy the Responsibility Of Advocacy

Employees of socially-engaged companies are 20 per cent more likely to stay and help build a company. Engaged employees inspire businesses to outperform their competition by 202 per cent, and involving staff members in a well-structured advocacy program is an excellent way to unite them under the banner of the company mission.

  1. Happy Employees Make Happy Advocates

A social media program that depends on people participation is a valuable team-building tool as well. Imagine this: a worker who is busy all day in the fulfillment department, packaging and shipping orders outs, logs onto his/her social media account to see that the CEO has personally taken the trouble to `like’ or `reply’ to their comment. What does that do for morale? Sends it shooting sky high, of course!

Give your employees a voice, a message and a mission.

The world of doing good business has evolved beyond the gentleman’s handshake. Before you get to that handshake, prospective buyers expect companies they do business with to have built a strong online presence across social media.

An employee advocacy program is one of the most straightforward ways to magnify those efforts.


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